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  • Make Your Own DIY Thieves & Onguard Protective Blend
  • Post author
    Karissa Welch

Make Your Own DIY Thieves & Onguard Protective Blend

Make Your Own DIY Thieves & Onguard Protective Blend
Young Living's Thieves® and DoTerra's OnGuard® are extremely popular germ fighting blends used for home cleaning, diffusing and topical use. 

They both include the powerful oils Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. The only difference between them is Thieves® adds Lemon while OnGuard® chooses Orange. 

With a price of $40-58/15ml bottle, we decided to share an easy, cost effective DIY version that you can blend under $6/15ml bottle- a fraction of the cost!
Firstly, it's always better to measure your oils by mls not drops, as drop size can vary considerably. For this DIY recipe though we can easily adjust it to our own personal preferences!
Here is a guide to how many drops will fit in a standard 5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml essential oil bottle. 
15ml- 250 drops 
10ml- 180 drops
5ml- 85 drops
1ml- 18 drops

DIY Thieves® or OnGuard® Protective Blend Recipe

First, grab a clean glass bottle to store your blend, and have all your oils ready. 
TIP: When blending for the first time, halve the amount of each oil so your bottle is only half full. Swirl to combine and let your blend sit for a day. Test it by inserting a strip of paper and smelling it at 1 hour intervals. The aroma will change as the oils dissipate. If you are happy with your blend, add the other half of the recipe. If not, you can easily adjust the ratio to your preference. (Personally, I prefer more orange and less cinnamon)
15 ml Bottle:  
80 drops Clove Bud 
70 drops Lemon or Orange 
40 drops Cinnamon 
30 drops Eucalyptus 
20 drops Rosemary
5ml Bottle:
26 drops of Clove Bud 
23 drops of Lemon or Orange 
13 drops of Cinnamon 
10 drops of Eucalyptus 
6 drops of Rosemary
If you followed my tip and adjusted your blend ratio, remember to make a note of it for next time! You can buy all these oils here at a fraction of the price, with Free Delivery Australia Wide! 
  • Post author
    Karissa Welch

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