Botanicals Bundle-DIY-

Botanicals Bundle

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Botanicals Bundle- FREE SHIPPING

A gorgeous bundle with so many uses! 


  • 50g Dried Rose Petals
  • 50g Dried Chamomile
  • 50g Dried Calendula
  • 50g Dried Sweet Orange Peel
  • 1 x Wooden Scoop.



  • Sweet orange is naturally cleansing and astringent, ideal for problem skin. Grind and add to masks, bath soaks, use as an exfoliant, place in sachets for a drawer freshener.
  • Rose Petals (red) are suitable for use in milk baths, bath teas, herbal teas. These petals can also be ground up and added to your face mask. You could also make an infusion in either oil or water and add it to the appropriate phase in creams and lotions. Rose is soothing to the skin, with a beautiful, luxurious fragrance.
  • Calendula is believed to reduce inflammation, clear acne, and promote healthy skin and hair. This herb is great for skin problems such as burns, rashes, bruised or inflamed skin. It is also a great help to people who suffer from varicose veins. After using calendula for a few weeks, the veins have been known to shrink. It can also help with acne problems, and in an ointment can help prevent dermatitis. These flowers can be infused in oil and uses in many different ways, such as soapmaking, lotions, creams, ointments, lip balms, massage oil. They can also be added whole to bath teas, herbal teas or you could grind them to a fine powder and use them in soap or face masks.

  • Chamomile Flowers can impart soothing, calming and healing effects in your formulations. Use in tub teas, herbal tea, soapmaking. Can also be infused in oil as a lovely addition to salves and creams.