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Educational Resources & Safety

essential oil safety

Safe usage of essential oils is important to us. It can be hard to navigate through the conflicting information available on the web! That's why we've put together this directory of useful links to help you learn how to enjoy the amazing benefits of essential oils safely and effectively. I highly recommend consulting a clinical aromatherapist for any specific health concerns and advocate a less is more approach.

using essential oils safely

Dilution & Topical Use

IAAMA Safety Information

NAHA Exploring Essential Oils Safely

 Tisserand Dilution Chart

Irritation & Allergic Reactions

AIA List- Cautionary Oils 


Free Courses

New York Institute of Aromatic Studies Introduction Course

Aromahead Introduction Course

 Tisserand 5 Part Mini Course

Aromahead Free Webinars


Essential Oils & Children

Tisserand- Antimicrobial Oils & Children

Essential Oil Safety with Children


Essential Oils & Animals



Controversial Practices

There are some questionable essential oil usage practices especially popular with MLM companies that are worth doing independent research on.  In my opinion, using essential oils neat (undiluted) on the skin is needlessly risky.

So why is it important to dilute essential oils? 

  1. Essential oils are potent. Neat application can irritate the skin. Once the skin has had a reaction, the immune system is primed to recognise that oil as an irritant and react accordingly, preventing the use of that oil permanently.
  2. Essential oils evaporate quickly. Using a carrier oil will keep the oil on your skin for longer, and increase the surface area of application and therapeutic benefit.
  3. Carrier oils have healing properties of their own. Using essential oil and carriers oils in conjunction increases the penetration and effectiveness of both. 
  4. Economy. Essential oils are expensive, carrier oils are not! 

You may have heard of the Raindrop Technique and the more recent AromaTouch Technique, two types of massage that involves the repeated application of neat oils to the spine. Both have been discredited by Professional Aromatherapy Councils and I suggest researching independent sources outside of the information provided by the companies that profit from these techniques.

The main concerns I have with these techniques are the one-size-fits-all approach, the use of large amounts of neat oils, the idea that irritation is simply the body 'detoxing' and the encouragement of treatment performed by untrained oil-enthusiasts. 

Another point to consider is the profit made by encouraging excessive usage of expensive essential oils. 

The English Aromatherapist- Opinion 

NAHA White Paper- Raindrop Technique

Aromatherapy Registration Council- Prohibited