Artiste Range Ultrasonic 200 ml-diffuser-Abstract Painting-Charcoal+Oil

Artiste Range Ultrasonic 200 ml

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The Artiste Range of uniquely crafted ceramic ultrasonic diffusers is a little different, like us! Available in a range of gorgeous designs to blend in OR stand out from the crowd. Choose from abstract swirls or glossy white, duck egg blue and pale mint green to enhance your decor. The Artiste range features a 200 ml water reservoir, ultrasonic cool mist diffusion and water level sensing safety shut-off. 

Create your own unique ambiance with just a few drops of your favorite essential oils to uplift, relax and enhance your mood. Artificial fragrances contain dangerous hormone disrupters and toxins, so it's no wonder hundreds of thousands of women are turning to natural essential oils as a safe, healthy alternative! So simple to use, just add water, choose your essential oils and press to start a dramatic looking ultra-fine mist of incredibly refreshing aromas.

*We have already sold out of some varieties, very limited stock remaining*

Experiment with blends to discover how ylang ylang, geranium and clary sage can assist hormonal balance and ease stress. Wake up to stimulating peppermint, bergamot and lime, or fill your home with the intoxicating spicy/sweet blend of cinnamon, clove and orange! The options are endless. 

**Stock is extremely limited. Availability will vary, feel free to email us if we are out of stock for an update. 
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