Beeswax Pellets Refined (white)

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Beeswax is most commonly used in lip balms, body butters, and beard wax to thicken and 'set' a formulation.

Due to its highly complex composition and its soft, pliable nature, beeswax remains an indispensable raw material, although there are vegan alternatives such as carnauba wax that can be easily substituted.

Beeswax can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as polishing furniture and other wooden carvings, and making pure beeswax candles. Add your favourite essential oils for a luxurious personalised scent.

Our white beeswax comes in pastille/bead form, making it extremely easy to weigh, use and store.

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Ingredients: Beeswax

Appearance: White to off-white pellets or 'flat beads'

Grade: Pharmaceutical grade - Complies with BP (British Pharmacopoeia)

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.