Complete Natural Skin Care Set with Pure Tamanu Oil-skincare-Charcoal+Oil

Complete Natural Skin Care Set with Pure Tamanu Oil

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Facial Cleanser 135 ml, Facial Toner 135 ml, Honey & Pumice Exfoliant 60ml, Facial Moisturiser with Tamanu Oil 135ml, 15 ml Roll On Eye Cream & Volcanic Clay Mask 60 ml.

All wrapped in biodegradable gift box!

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eco friendly     no animal testing

Key Ingredients:

Organic Tamanu Oil= a powerful healing and regenerative oil. 

Citrus Seed Extract= an effective natural preservative. 

Volcanic Pumice Powder = superfine and therefore very gentle pumice, high in mineral content. It is naturally formed, requires no chemicals to process the granules and is an exceptional exfoliant. 

Rose Geranium Oil = an astringent. Useful for both oily and combination skin types. 

Lavender Essential Oil = Healing, antibacterial essential oil. Suitable for all skin types. Calming and relaxing aromatherapy benefits. 

Virgin Coconut Oil = renowned for it’s skin moisturising qualities. 

Volcanic Mineral Clays = We have chosen the purest volcanic clays to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. These clays are mined deep below the earth’s surface and contain high mineral content and are 100% natural and pure.

Highly recommended for oily/combination skin, aging/sensitive skin and scars.