Lockstone Solaris IO Bracelet-jewellery-Charcoal+Oil

Lockstone Solaris IO Bracelet

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Obsidian, formed in the chaotic seconds after a volcanic eruption by the rapid cooling of viscous lava, obsidian represents the perpetual chaos of our solar system.The latest innovation set to join the Lockstone™ range: Solaris.

Modelled on the planets around us, Solaris puts you at the centre of the Solar System.Solaris uses our unique Lockstone™ material, so whatever your scent, Lockstone™ captures it.

Scent changes and fades almost immediately upon contact with your skin. Lockstone™ eliminates the problem, keeping your favourite scent pure and extending it's life up to seven times. Quality oils and fragrances are expensive! With Lockstone™ you can enjoy your favourite scent for longer, and use less.

Sizes available: 5.5, 6, 8, 9 inch (14cm, 17cm, 20cm, 22cm) for more sizing information see our size guide here

- For use with a single fragrance.

- As Solaris uses natural and man-made materials, variation between colouration of the stones may occur and as such, the item you receive may vary from displayed images