3 Oil Cleansing Bundle- Jojoba + Castor + Your Choice

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3 of the most popular carrier oils for cleansing in one bundle + free shipping, saving you 10%. 

**NEW** add an optional essential oil to really boost your blend!

With their ability to remove dirt, bacteria and makeup while regulating sebum production, oils are one of the most efficient facial cleansers available. It may sound strange, but it's based on the principle that like attracts like. As you massage the oil into your skin, it helps to dissolve the sebum, dirt and bacteria trapped in your pores, allowing you to wipe it away with a warm washcloth. 

Full of rich fatty acid content and gentle on the skin, more and more women are choosing oil cleansing over traditional foaming formulas.

Why did we choose Castor & Jojoba Oil as the foundation of our oil cleansing bundle?

Castor oil helps to dissolve sebum, has potent anti-inflammatory properties, and is extremely healing and cleansing making it ideal for acne prone skin. Too much (amazingly) can leave your skin dry, so we start with castor oil then blend it with the oils of your choice. For dry skin, use a little less castor oil, for oily skin add a little more. E.g.: 25% castor oil, 75% alternative oils for oily/problem skin.

Jojoba Oil is an emollient, which means it helps to dissolve sebum, unclog pores and smooth skin. It's a popular carrier oil due to it's versatility. Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E, penetrates easily into the skin and is suitable for sensitive, oily and combination skin types. We call it an oil, but it is actually a liquid wax and closely resembles the natural sebum of the skin.

These two base oils make up the most common blend for cleansing your face, and honestly you don't  need anything else. 

BUT...every skin type is different! This is why we are offering your choice of a 3rd oil to truly make the perfect blend for you. 

You can even add an optional essential oil to really boost your blend. 

Usage: Wet a clean washcloth with comfortably hot water and place over your face for up to a minute. Gently massage oil into your skin using your fingertips and a gentle circular motion. Wipe away with your warm, damp cloth, rinse in hot water and press over your face before wiping again. 

For more information on the different types of base oils, click here to read our simple how-to guide for problem skin.